The following are our live websites and social channels…

Your Canada

The Your Canada Network utilizes contributed content to build a cross-platform media network – featuring pictures, videos and writing by a network of authors.

Vegas Blog

These sites are focused on various aspects of Las Vegas, from attractions to tips for Canadians traveling to Las Vegas. is a multi-author site featuring authors from across Canada (and the United States!) writing about topics that interest a range of readers.

Looking to connect with the Canadian wine industry? is a great place to connect.

Rolling on the Floor Laughing (ROFL)

If you’re looking for a collection of funny stuff,  is the site to go to. Whether it’s kittens dragging you to hell, or how to make a hit pop song, you’ll find it at

Secondary Properties

The following websites are no longer core brands. As such, they aren’t regularly updated and are for sale. is a European Travel Guide for Canadians, with excellent resources for Canadians travelling to and around Europe.

Film Review

“Film reviews for new movies, old movies, good movies and bad movies.”